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Do you sell/ship to my country?

Yes. Barring an embargo, we sell and offer shipping to almost every country. Please contact us at service@morsenled.com for a quote and order fulfillment. For quick processing, tell us what product you would like to purchase and include your mailing address.

What kinds of mode does Morsen Led light have?

There has three adjustment buttons on the side, which are Veg Mode, Bloom Mode and Full Spectrum Mode.

What is your return policy?

 We do not accept returns or exchanges on any lighting products. However, we offer a warranty guaranteeing our products for 2 years or 3 years.

What is your warranty policy?

Please refer to our warranty link: https://www.morsengrowlight.com/pages/warranty

Should I be wearing protective glasses?

We always recommend that people use protective eye wear in any indoor gardening room. HPS, MH, and LED all emit huge amounts of light, and just like the sun, can be hard on your eyes.

How can I find my Light’s sweet spot in terms of hanging height above the canopy?

We suggest starting with the light at 38” for the first 3-7 days. After this initial break in period, the light can be lowered down, 6” at a time, until you reach 30”. If any discoloration or twisting happens on the leaves, raise the light back up 6”. This should be the height you maintain through the plant’s life cycle.

Some of the new leaves on my plant seem to be twisting or appear to be bleached. What’s growing on?

This can be caused by your light being too close to the plants. Try moving the light up about 10”-20”. You should see these signs disappear within a few days and normal healthy growth begin again.

Can your lights run on 240v?

Yes! Morsen LED lights can run safely on voltages ranging from 185v all the way up to 260v. The cord will need to be changed out to accommodate the different voltages, but this will be all you need!

I’ve heard LEDs require slightly higher room temps, is this true?

Yes, due to the fact that LEDs have much less radiant heat coming from the light, the surface temperatures on leaves under LED lights can be 10-15 degrees cooler than compared to HPS. This can cause transpiration rates and metabolic processes in the leaf to slow down. Raising ambient room temperatures up to 82-85 degrees will allow the plant to thrive in a perfect environment.

Can I still use CO2 in my room with my Morsen LED?

Absolutely! One of the greatest benefits of higher room temps when growing with LEDs is that the plant's ability to assimilate CO2 greatly increases when temps are raised to 82-85 degrees. In fact, it is widely believed to be the ideal temperature for this process to take place, meaning your plants are fully utilizing that tank of gas that was such a pain in the butt to drag into your grow room. (Fahrenheit degree)

How long does it take to build and ship a product?

ALL Series: Within 7 Days from payment approval

Where are International warehouse locations?

  1. United States: 2045 Stevens dr, iowa city, ia, 52240
  2. Canada:  20 East Pearce St, Toronto, ON, L4B 1B7